Creative Knowledge Management

One of my favourite hobbies is creating art, sometimes that’s a photo, sometimes it’s a drawing or painting. I have been working for a while on figuring out the intersection among knowledge management and creativity and innovation.

I have finally figured it out, and so am launching the idea here, now.

Innovation is one of the desired outcomes of knowledge management, but it can be elusive. Knowledge management activities such as collaboration, sharing knowledge and expertise, meta-data and taxonomy, can all be illustrated through creative activities; activities, which in turn inspire employee engagement and innovation.

The purpose of infusing creativity in knowledge management is to enhance innovation, productivity, collaboration, employee engagement, thought leadership, and sense of community, among other benefits.

I am going to be leading workshops to promote this idea and working with existing/new clients that are interested in this idea.

In the workshop you will learn how creativity, innovation, and knowledge management intersect. The outcomes of this workshop are two-fold, first to introduce the ideas and concepts of creativity, and second to illustrate how they enhance and inspire innovation, and employee engagement. Click Creative KM datasheet to download a pdf about the workshop.

This is a hands-on, interactive workshop, so come prepared to engage in an experience that will take you outside the usual the knowledge management box to discover the benefits of creative knowledge management.

One of the inspirations for my work in this intersection is Creatively Fit, you can read about the Business Boot Camp, here 

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