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A Howard Rheingold Workshop, Part 2

The second part of the workshop was brainstorming the questions that need to/should be asked in working with each aspect of the model. What follows is the output of that session. Attention How to get/keep attention Is it required? Does it form new behaviour? How does discipline fit in How to increase Distractions Have we always been distracted Is there an organizational tool that can be leveraged? Have brains developed differently because of changes in technology and activities Are there patterns that should be recognized/accommodated? Collaboration Have to be willing/allowing for failure How to collaborate, what that means? Different ways to collaborate Is there an occupational hazard in collaborating? Culturally determined? Best when there’s a lack of ego Needs to be reciprocity How to address conflict in styles between command and control vs. open source How to address competition: for an end, vs. for a purpose/value Danger in consensus Checks and balances, accountability, how are these determined/used? Participation Respect (presence) What’s in it for me Motivation Types of participation: Active/passive, Named/anonymous, Public/private and when should they be allowed/used/permitted Does an individual’s participation make a difference? Are there monetary issues? Inclusive/exclusive Critical Consumption What is the assessment of the platform the … Continue reading

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