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Grad spotlight: Stephanie Barnes – donor, volunteer, entrepreneur

Thank you to Brock University. They recently published a profile on me in their online alumni site Grad spotlight: Stephanie Barnes – donor, volunteer, entrepreneur

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Knoco’s new Introduction to Knowledge Management video

Knoco has released a new “KM introduction” video on youtube – it can be found here

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Knowledge Management and Social Media

Is social media part of knowledge management? Unequivocally, “yes!” Knowledge management is all about finding the knowledge you need when you need it and learning from previous mistakes whether they are yours or someone else’s. Social media is about making connections to other people, and sharing knowledge. Now, granted some of the knowledge that gets shared on social media is more noise than knowledge, but noise can be knowledge if your colleague tweets that they are stuck in traffic, you know they are going to be late for that 9am meeting, so it’s all a matter of perspective and context, a classic knowledge issue. I recently read a three social media books, and took a social media course  because social media often comes up in the KM consulting that I do and I wanted to have a better understanding of it and how it can be used, other than what I had figured out on my own. One of the books I read, “The Executive’s Guide to Enterprise Social Media Strategy,” by David B. Thomas and Mike Barlow,  identified that knowledge management has been given short shrift, but argued that social media was on the verge of revolutionizing and transforming … Continue reading

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Benefits of Knowledge Management Consulting

Someone just asked me what the benefits of my consulting are, I liked my answer so much I had to put it someplace where other people would see it (okay, I’m patting myself on the back). The benefits of the consulting that I do is the improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of knowledge workers through the alignment of supporting technology to their business processes.

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I’m not telling you anything

Does this sound like knowledge management and collaboration at your organization?

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