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What are the outcomes of taking a creative approach to knowledge management?

I have been talking a bit lately about the intersection of KM and creativity, I had a coaching/workshop session yesterday that helped me focus on that intersection and start to figure it out. I am very excited about this activity, and can honestly say this is the most excited about KM that I have been in my 14 years of actively doing it. I am still working on scoping it out and incorporating it into my services but in the meantime I will blog about what I’m figuring out. Adding creativity to KM solves an employee engagement problem. Adding creativity to KM results in the following outcomes: innovation productivity enhancements collaboration engaged employees (happy employees) thought leadership patents (when used in R&D) decreased cycle/process times improvements to work-life balance a sense of community among stakeholders All of these things give your organization a competitive advantage with customers/clients and in attracting and keeping staff. I’m excited, are you?

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