Stephanie Barnes
Chief Chaos Organizer

I am a passionate advocate for knowledge management through the alignment of people, process, and technology to meet organizational goals and objectives.

I have over 20 years experience in Knowledge Management and Accounting in the High Technology, Health Care, and Public Accounting sectors, with abilities in Strategy Execution, and Change Management, as well as Project Development, Implementation and Team Development. I have a BBA in Accounting, an MBA in Information Systems, am Masters Certified in ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) and I have a Business Systems Analyst Certificate.

I am the author of the Ark Group report published in May 2011, “Aligning People, Process and Technology in Knowledge Management” (which is out of print) and co-author of “Designing a Successful KM Strategy” with Nick Milton, published in 2015.

Since 2012 I have been integrating creativity with knowledge management. Being more creative helps organizations be more innovative, it gets people out of the left-side of their brain and using the right-side more, so that there’s more balance and more room for a different/new approach to a situation or problem. I am very excited to be taking this approach with my clients because I think it’s time we stop doing the same old thing and expecting a different result, it’s time for a new approach to the old problems. You can see more at Art of Innovation.

I also have a page for my art, www.stephaniebarnesart.com

As of October 2015, I am located in Berlin, Germany.


Missing Puzzle Piece Consulting was created in 2003 to bridge the gap between business and IT thus improving collaboration, business process execution, and decision making.The name comes about for two reasons, the first is that in many organizations there is a gap between what business needs or requires and what IT provides, they both seem to be speaking the same language but have completely different understandings of what their words mean. The other reason is that knowledge management is often the missing piece of the puzzle in organization’s quest for efficient and effective processes.

In January 2010 Missing Puzzle Piece Consulting became the Canadian Franchisee for Knoco Ltd., www.knoco.com. This expanded Missing Puzzle Piece’s consulting activities as well as provided the opportunity to add Knowledge Management training to its repertoire.

As of October 2, 2015 Missing Puzzle Piece Consulting is no longer the Canadian franchisee for Knoco, it does, however, still have a working relationship with Knoco from Missing Puzzle Piece’s new base in Berlin, Germany.


I am inspired by and provide inspiration to organizations that want to be innovative, productive, collaborative, engage their employees, provide thought leadership, and create a sense of community in their organizations.