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KM helps you be lazy!*

Imagine this scenario: you’re working hard on a project or task, you’ve got a deadline you’ve got to meet, but you’re stuck, you don’t know how to finish.

What do you do?

Well, if you are experienced in the ways of knowledge management you:

  • ask your colleagues,
  • ask the Community of Practice you’re a member of,
  • search in your expertise location system or yellow pages at peoples profiles,
  • post something on your internal Q&A or social media application,
  • you search your corporate document management system, ECM system, or other such repository/repositories to find the answer.

And you find the answer, doing considerably less work than creating the solution yourself and you meet your deadline. With all that time you saved you take a couple of minutes to post the solution, so that someone in your shoes days/weeks/months/years from now can find your solution and be lazy too!

*Thanks to Kathleen Wilson for the idea for this post.

One thought on “KM helps you be lazy!*

  • Kathleen Wilson May 23, 2012 at 08:21 PM Reply

    Knowledge Management is a must for a a lazy girl like me. I am flabbergasted that in industry, there are a lot of smart people who work way too hard or just don’t keep a network of “Smart Buddies”. My Database professor told our class of budding computer nerds, that you should always have a network of “Smart Buddies” That is one piece of advice that stuck with me. I would be nothing if it were not for my great network of “Smart Buddies” whose knowledge they share with me helps me do my day job and after work job as a Mom! So make a difference in the world, share your knowledge, it is no good if you take it to the grave with you!

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