Missing Puzzle Piece Consulting works with organizations to be innovative, productive, collaborative, engaging, and to build community among their stakeholders.

I do this by developing the vision, roadmap, and requirements for aligning business processes with supporting technology, while maintaining balance among people, process and technology.

My services include:

  • Knowledge strategy development and road mapping
  • Business Process-IT Requirements Analysis
  • Management of Change planning
  • Collaboration and Enterprise Content Management technology utilization improvement
  • All Knoco Services and Training. (click to open pdf)
  • Creative knowledge management
  • Law Firm KM, a KM assessment service for small and medium sized law firms (a similar assessment service is also available for non-law firms)

Any and all of these services can be done through a mentoring/coaching relationship if you’d rather learn to do it yourself than have Missing Puzzle Piece Consulting do it for you.